Rain is renewal, it is refreshing, it is growth. Rain is life.

Ironically, as I write this welcome note rain is slowly trickling down the window next to my desk. We haven’t had many days like this lately, being that winter in Florida isn’t known for its downpours so needless to say I am ecstatic!!

What is it that I love about rain? Everything! Over the years rain has come to mean many different things to me and I am guessing my gratitude and acceptance of it will continue to evolve and develop as the years go on. Don’t get me wrong I adore the sunshine too, it balances out the rain with warmth, light, and energy, recharges your senses and calms the mind. One element doesn’t work without the other, but everyone loves the sunshine, right?

Growing up in Australia during various droughts I learned to appreciate the necessity of rain and beamed with excitement anytime we had a rainy day. The first sign of rain was always black cockatoos squawking in the trees. Once the rain began I would run to put on my rain boots and raincoat, grab my colorful umbrella and spend hours wandering around our yard, splashing in puddles, making rivers for the earthworms to swim in and touching all the rain-soaked leaves and flowers. I felt happy and playful and serene. Rain is soothing.

I am an April baby, which is Autumn in the southern hemisphere and notoriously wet. As a child, I was fortunate enough to have awesome parents who would throw big birthday bashes for me every year with homemade food cooked by my mum and obstacle courses and games set up in our yard by my dad. Each year, however, it rained. You would think this would put a dampener on the whole day, but not for my family. It was an excited scramble to try to reorganize everything so all the outdoor activities could be brought indoors and it was just as much fun, if not more. Rain is fun.

Fast forward to living in a tropical place where sometimes the heat is so unbearable that being outdoors is too much to ask. Rain on a scorching summer day comes as a welcome relief and a break in the searing temperatures. I’ve always thought it is as if mother nature overheats to the point where she breaks a sweat to try and cool down. Rain is cooling.

The next chapter of my life (which is now) involves me attempting to grow vegetables and herbs in my very own garden. I come from a line of green thumbs, my parents have always had an amazing vegetable garden which has in recent years become my dad’s passion, and my mum grows beautiful flowers and herbs. I’m not convinced I have inherited these skills, but I am trying. I’m also learning the harsh truth that without rain, nothing grows. Which means that I must provide the rain, with a garden hose. Our lawn is a prime example of that, it is dead and dusty and brown. Though I can’t see the purpose in watering it, seems like such a waste for something that is purely for aesthetics and serves no purpose. I’m sure our neighbors despise us. Ah well. Rain makes things grow.

Despite how my connection to rain has evolved over time one thing is for certain I love it. Rainy days are peaceful, they are cozy and they bring me comfort. Rainy days carry with them the idea of wiping the slate clean and starting fresh, washing off the dust and cobwebs and letting the brand new shine. Rain makes me smile.

Rain is renewal, it is refreshing, it is growth. Rain is life.